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ALPINA, founded in 1965 by Burkard Bovensiepen, is a niche company that produces exclusive automobiles based on BMW models. ALPINA's cars are constructed on BMW's assembly lines, and the company has 50 years of experience in catering to a small but dedicated club of car passionates. 
Burkard Bovensiepen started his automotive activities with the development of a Weber dual carburetor for the BMW 1500, in 1962. 

ALPINA was also engaged in Touring Car Motorsport, with remarkable results. Between 1968 and 1973, pilots such as Derek Bell, James Hunt, Jacky Ickx, Niki Lauda, and Hans Stuck were part of the ALPINA racing team. As a result, in 1970, ALPINA won the European Touring Car Championship, the classic 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps, as well as all the important German Championships. In 1973, it won the European Touring Car Championship for ALPINA and BMW.  Niki Lauda also set an absolute Touring Car record for the six-hour race on the Nurburgring, driving the BMW ALPINA Lightweight Coupé. Finally, in 1977, Dieter Quester managed to be the European Touring Car champion in a BMW ALPINA 3,5 CSL. 

Coming back to racing in 2009, it took only two years for ALPINA to win the ADAC GT MASTERS Championship Driver's Championship, with a BMW ALPINA B6 GT3 Evo.

Legendary ALPINA cars include the B6 2,8 (1978), the 318i (1981), that managed a fuel economy of 105.72miles per Imperial gallon in the Shell Kilometer Marathon, the remarkable B10 Bi-Turbo (1989) and the B12 5,7 Coupé, that introduced the first electronic clutch management system (SHIFT-TRONIC). ALPINA also introduced its first diesel vehicle in 1999 (D10 Bi-Turbo), its first roadster in 2002 (ALPINA Roadster V8) and its first SUV in 2013 (ALPINA XD3). 

Current annual production is around 1,200-1,700 cars. Each BMW Alpina is personalized and fitted with an individual production plaque, along with a specific VIN. Alpina's sales go through BMW's dealerships and importers. 

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