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The Japanese producer best-known for its lineup of trucks and commercial vehicles has quite a long history. In 1916,  Ishikawajima Shipbuilding and Engineering Co., Ltd. wanted to start cooperating with the Tokyo Gas and Electric Industrial Co. to build automobiles. 
A concrete step was taken in 1918 when a joint-venture with Wolseley Motors Limited (a British company) was initiated and production of cars under license started in East Asia. In 1922 came the first ever Japan-produced passenger car, a Wolseley model, the A9. A truck named CP followed only two years later. Ishikawajima Automotive Works merged with DAT Automobile Manufacturing in 1933 and the products of the new company were sold under the name Isuzu, after the Isuzu River. The word Isuzu can be translated to "fifty bells" in English.
The 1970s saw General Motors take a 34% share of Isuzu. After this move, the company's products started selling in America. The 90s brought with them financial problems that translated into a reduced market presence around the world and a much slimmer lineup, focusing on pickup trucks and light commercial vehicles.

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