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Established in 1966 to build cheap rebadged Fiats for the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact nations, Lada is a nameplate many love to hate. Sure, some of that hatred is justified, as many of their cars fail in terms of reliability, drivability, and desirability, but the brand has seen a mild image turnaround in recent years.

That’s because its parent company, AvtoVAZ, is now in a joint venture that also includes Renault-Nissan, so it now also makes Renault- based models or ones made with help from Renault. Lada currently sells the Kalina (based on a GM platform from a previous joint venture; related to the Chevy Kalos) and Granta, the Largus (a previous-gen rebadged Dacia Logan MCV), the Vesta, the Priora and the Niva 4x4.

You can find brand new Lada models on sale in Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan or Turkmenistan, Lada is currently represented in Estonia, Latvia, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, and Lebanon

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