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Vauxhall is a name with a long history, being one of the oldest car manufacturers in Britain. Founded under the name Alex Wilson and Company in 1857, it changed its name to Vauxhall Iron Works in 1897. At first, it built pumps and marine engines. In 1903 Vauxhall produced its first automobile. It was a five-horsepower single-cylinder model steered using a tiller, with two forward gears and no reverse gear. During the First World War, Vauxhall made a significant number of  D-Type models that were used as staff cars by the British army. 
General Motors acquired the company in 1925 which during the Second World War produced the successful Churchill tank and more than 250.000 lorries for the military. 
Since the 1980s, Vauxhall has produced only rebadged Opel vehicles and sold them in the UK and Ireland. 

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