Electric Cars

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Definitely looks more effortless than conventional trucks
By Andrei Nedelea |
electric ford fairlane evie
Apetite for gasoline: gone entirely
By Tudor Rus |
VW electrification
The Dieselgate scandal has put VW on the path of electrification
By Alexandru Gugoasa |
In three years we'll see BMW's first Tesla-fighter model
By Andrei Stirbu |
This fully electric race car is a real stunner
By Alexandru Gugoasa |
rimac c_two electric supercar geneva 2018 12
Just when we thought Geneva’s red carpet couldn’t get more extreme
By Tudor Rus |
Audi e-tron 1
Audi unveils the prototype for its first all-electric model at the Geneva Motor Show
By Alexandru Gugoasa |
CUPRA e-Racer 001H
Says it’s the world’s first electric touring car
By Andrei Nedelea |
Kudos to Jaguar for sticking with the I-Pace Concept's dramatic appearance
By Dan Mihalascu |
It’s a first impression, not a detailed one, but still highly positive
By Andrei Nedelea |
2018.02.27 tesla model x off-road
Tesla’s SUV has many talents but off-roading is not one
By Andrei Stirbu |
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