Here’s how to remove those nasty seat stains

nasty stain remover

This must be the most efficient, least expensive solution

If you own a car and like to drink stuff inside the cabin, you're bound to spill some of that on the seats' upholstery, sooner or later. If you don’t own a car, it will surely happen to you while sitting in someone else’s ride; and even if you’re careful with your drinks, some of your passengers might not be. It’s one of nature’s unwritten laws so deal with it.

Now, as Nick from Chemical Guys will show you in this clip, there are other solutions besides purifying the car with fire or, worse, paying a lot of money for a detailing job. All you need is a solution called Lightning Fast and a bristle brush attached to a driller (but the driller is optional).

nasty stain remover 2

It would be redundant to explain what happens next in the video below. Plus, there’s the risk of not wanting to see the video afterward (and, implicitly, missing out the sick house music tunes). And maybe most importantly, you won’t be able to feel that strong satisfaction of seeing a nasty stain being removed.

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