1,500-mile road trip is the best way to honor the McLaren Senna

mclaren senna

Not the most comfortable experience, but that’s a different story

Right, so we know the first McLaren Senna customer took his squeaky new track tool on a 870-mile trip to the south of France, but Top Gear’s road trip is even more epic.

The McLaren Senna can be easily considered the brand’s most track-focused and at the same time road-legal car to date. And no, it wasn’t made for taking the family out on a summer road trip – and we’re not necessarily referring to the lack of space.

On the race track, the Senna has one limit, as reviews have shown, and that’s the driver. On the road, you’ll be constantly reminded that this is a supercar that honors one of F1’s greatest drivers.

So, is the Senna quiet on the highway? Well, of course not. Is it comfortable? Not really, provided that your underside will go numb due to the seats’ hard padding. Oh, and it also defaults in Sport mode and switching to Comfort doesn’t really do much to cut down on stiffness.

Want more? Then head to Top Gear’s nine-minute video below.

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