19 Porsche 918 Spyders storming the Alps will leave you breathless

19, yes, that wasn’t a typo

Porsche gathered not one, not five, but 19 (nineteen) 918 hybrid supercars and unleashed them all on 1,500 km worth of high-elevation roads.

The main aim was to cover the most famous passes in the Alps over the course of five days, and we can't even begin to tell you how glad we are that Porsche chose to document the epic roadtrip.

If the sheer beauty of the 918 pack won't blow you away, then you should know that although the video you're about to see seems taken in another world, it is in fact, shot on Earth. But it has what we call the Alps effect.

We don't know where Porsche's love for roadtrip started out and to be honest we don't actually care as long as they keep this kind of videos coming.

Here's a better chance of hearing the mighty 918 Spyder, which Porsche considers to be one of its most wicked-sounding cars ever.