2016 BMW 7 Series: Official Specs and Images

The new generation 7-Series sets itself apart from the outgoing model

Key factors include enhancing dynamics, efficiency, and safety. It may sound like a marketing cliché, but the new BMW 7-Series uses impressive technology and improvements — such as carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic in the body structure — to stand out from the crowd and offer new and interesting alternatives in its segment.

For instance, the automobile uses a “Carbon Core”, which reduces weight as much as 287 lbs (130 kg). BMW’s “Efficient Lightweight” expertise was borrowed from the “i”-branded cars, making it the first in its segment to combine industrially manufactured CFRP with steel and aluminum. By using these mixed-materials, the 7 Series’ body benefits from increased rigidity and strength of the passenger cell, while significantly reducing the overall weight, at the same time.

Other technologies include “BMW Laserlight”, another new feature in the luxury sedan segment, Remote Control Parking (which is exactly what you’d expect) BMW Gesture Control – a system which allows the driver to operate the infotainment system using hand movements detected by a 3D sensor control. There’s even the option of pairing specific gestures with individual functions.

Design-wise, the new 7 Series comes with a new, stylish, formal attitude that provides an authentic showcase of the car character. It has a balanced design – and you’d expect from a luxury sedan – while hiding its significant proportions very well with the help of some unique style elements. BMW’s unmistakable heritage can be seen through all its pores, whether we’re talking about the standard or long-wheel-base body-type variants. As if that wasn’t enough, the 7-Series can also be commissioned with some M-inspired accessories, which will probably set it apart from the rest of its classic rivals.

Nonetheless, if someone decides to stick to the old classic-luxury formula, BMW’s “Executive Lounge,” made exclusively for the 7-Series, can be a viable option. The equipment package includes automatic air conditioning with 4-zone control, electrically adjustable comfort seats with massage function in the rear and active seat ventilation, Executive Lounge Seating, Executive Lounge rear console, and Rear-seat Entertainment Experience with BMW Touch Command. The Executive Lounge Seating option increases comfort in the back seat behind the front passenger seat by an additional 90 mm, and has an electrically extended footrest which lets the rear passenger unwind.

The interior can also be enhanced by the “Ambient Light” option (a lighting system similar to the one found on the Mercedes S-Class, which includes a “Welcome Light Carpet” – and the “Ambient Air” package, which ionizes the air and generates a selection of eight aromas. The long-wheel-base variants are available with the “Sky Lounge Panorama” glass roof.

A new generation of straight-six engines can equip BMW’s newest luxo-barge, but the car is also available with a V8. An eight-speed Steptronic transmission makes sure the gear changes are butter-smooth while the 2-axle air suspension with the automatic self-leveling system and Dynamic Damper Control and electromechanical anti-roll bars reduce body roll and make the car driver’s dream.