2017 SEAT Ibiza First Contact: Mini Leon or Maxi Ibiza?

SEAT’s new B-segment hatchback looks set to become a strong contender

Visitors at the Geneva Motor Show may pass by SEAT's stand and wonder where are the Spanish company's world debuts.

That's because the all-new Ibiza looks very similar to the Leon, so much so that it may pass as the compact model at first glance. However, as we found out during our first static contact with the 2017 Ibiza, the similarities with the Leon are nothing to worry about.

The interior is more spacious than the previous model's, which means two average-sized adults can fit in the back seat — a third one would be uncomfortable on long trips, however. There are plenty of storage space as well, and the dashboard looks fresh and well laid out. Plus, the infotainment system features better graphics and thinks faster.

As for quality, you can still find hard plastics inside. However, some trim levels offset that with glossy trim. Until we get to drive it, we can say the fifth-gen SEAT Ibiza promises to be a very competent B-segment contender.