2018 Ford GT is a “very special driving device” says Chris Harris

ford gt chris harris

Beware, a lot of drifting ahead

The new Ford GT has finally reached in the hands of Chris Harris, who takes FoMoCo’s V6 supercar where it belongs: on the race track.

The internet is boiling with content featuring the new 2018 Ford GT, whether it’s reviews, unboxing videos or just customers describing the GT ownership experience.

Of course, one could argue that a car hasn’t been properly put through its paces until Mr. Harris had a go at it. Which is exactly what’s happening in the video below.

So, forget about the Ford GT’s cruising abilities shown on this road trip to the Arctic Circle and its five driving modes, because what you’re about to see focuses on the supercar’s prowess on the race track. Or in Harris’ own words, “it’s the chassis that shines.”

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