2018 Volkswagen Arteon First Contact: Passat-Flavored Cabin, Surprisingly Practical

VW went for a risk-free, previously tried recipe

We step inside the 2018 Volkswagen Arteon in Geneva for a closer look and feel of the model coming to replace the Passat CC.

Like always, we'll leave the design subject open to discussion. However, on a car like the new Volkswagen Arteon, the interior weighs a lot in the eyes of the buyers.

Expectedly, the cabin comes from the same mold as the current Passat. The layout is neat and uncomplicated, while the materials look and feel good, even the plastics. There's no doubt VW didn't make any compromises here.

On par with the overall feeling, the infotainment system shows no glitches and the graphics looks crisp, but the display is a fingerprint magnet. We also appreciated the amount of leg and kneeroom in the backseat, yet taller passengers will have to deal with limited headroom.

Add the generous door pockets and the easily-accessible trunk, and at first glance, we're looking at a balanced mixed of looks, comfort, and practicality.