2019 Kia Forte jumps over Forte drift car because it can

Jumping seems to be its forte

Kia’s new 2019 Forte can tick plenty of boxes but jumping isn’t one of them. Then again, Kia’s latest Forte ad begs to differ.

There are two Kia Forte models starring in the video below. One’s the 2019 Kia Forte you can buy at your dealer and the other one is a drift-modded Kia Forte that obviously is not for sale.

The latter is driven by pro race driver Collete Davis and its purpose is to help you better understand the 8-inch touchscreen offered by the 2019 Forte. Why? Well, brochures are boring and even Kia agrees with that.

Coming back to the infotainment system, you should also know that it’s compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, can read your texts out loud when connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth and you can even specify the optional Harman Kardon 320 watt, eight-speaker sound system.

For the video below, however, you’ll mainly need your eyes. Check it out:

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