2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sedan review ticks every tech bit

mercedes-benz a-class

The new A-Class is full of new tech, hence the 22-minute video

Just like its hatchback brother, the new A-Class Sedan offers a spectacle of technology centered around the MBUX interface. In fact, the tech package is so hefty, you tend to overlook the driving bit.

TheStraightPipes took the new A-Class 2019 in sedan form for a spin to see if it is worthy of the Millennial Driving Machine status.

Their video stretches to 22 minutes but that’s only natural since the guys are dissecting virtually every feature present within the MBUX infotainment system based on two displays measuring 10.25 inch each (that’s the top spec version, as customers can opt for either two 7-inch screens or one 7-inch screen and a larger, 10.25-inch one).

Sure, the new A-Class (even in sedan guise) has its downs, but then again, which car is perfect?

Head to the video below for a tech run-through with the new A-Class sedan.


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