2019 new models: 16 faces we're going to see for the first time this year

From compact crossovers to fully electric Porsches to supercars, 2018 looks promising

Some of them we’ve already seen, in prototype form at least. Others are production-ready but didn’t shed their camo yet. While we’re waiting for that to happen, let’s take a look at what the auto industry has in store for us in 2018.

2019 Aston Martin DBX

Learning from its rivals’ success, Aston Martin decided to enter the sought-after crossover/SUV arena. We’re not sure that’s going to happen in 2019 (as the production year) but, considering the recent tease, we will, at least, witness its development via more teasers. If you like the shape of this model’s first render, we have some bad news: it’s highly unlikely to be a bold, two-door coupé. Expect more doors.

2019 Aston Martin Valkyrie

We can’t really tell just how much hotter the Valkyrie prototype can get towards its final, production-ready form but we’re pretty sure it’ll be as NSFW as these pictures have already shown. Also, as exquisite this creation is, seeing one in real life will definitely be a proper feast for your eyes. It looks like a true garage queen. Oh, that's a bit sad, actually.

2019 Audi E-Tron Quattro

We haven’t heard from Audi’s all-electric SUV since the concept presentation, except for some heavy camouflaged mule testing. But the E-Tron Quattro is right on schedule, and the fact that you can already place a down payment for the 2019 model is the strongest hint. Time to strip off some of that camo, E-Tron.

2019 Audi Q8

Ingolstadt is working on a BMW X6/Mercedes GLE Coupé rival that combines practicality with “the emotional lines of a coupé.”  We’ve already seen it in concept form in 2017, at both NAIAS and Geneva. Is the automotive world in need of another oddball? The rivals’ sales numbers already gave us an answer.

2019 BMW 8 Series

We don’t know just how much different the production guise 8 Series will be compared to what the concept showed us, but we’re expecting something as bonkers as the nickname it bears. We’ll see the 8 Series Coupé (followed, most probably, by the Cabrio, and the four-door Gran Coupé) to its fullest this year.  

2019 BMW X7

Based on the lightweight CLAR platform, the X7 will be BMW’s alternative in the big luxury SUVs area, where the likes of Mercedes-Benz GLS and Range Rover are already contesting turfs. Let’s just hope the designers will have a sudden change of heart when it comes to this thing’s face.

2019 Chevrolet Corvette

The C8-generation Corvette will make its debut this year, marking an important milestone in the carmaker’s history: it will be the first Corvette to have the engine mounted behind the seats. Given the C7’s ability to worry its European rivals, we’re genuinely curious just how much better the mid-engine ‘Vette will be.

2019 Jeep Wrangler pickup (Scrambler)

The newest Jeep Wrangler reiteration will also come with a pickup version that we’ll meet for the first time this year. However, the word is that it’ll have a different name: Scrambler. Fortunately, this won’t alter its cool factor. 

2019 Lexus UX

Design-wise, Lexus is on a roll, and the daring UX (in its concept form, at least) makes no exception. Despite its imposing presence, it will be the smallest SUV in Lexus’ lineup, slotted below the NX. And if you think the exterior look is bold, just take a look inside. We hardly see that happening IRL, but it’s a nice design exercise nevertheless.

2019 McLaren (supercar)

After populating the (relatively accessible) Sports Series lineup, the British sports car manufacturer McLaren is focusing on its Ultimate Series, where the P1 (along with its track-focused GTR sibling) just received another member, the Senna. The next arrival is P1’s successor, a “hyper-GT” as groundbreaking as the F1 was in its time.

2019 Mercedes-AMG GT (sedan)

The AMG GT is fine just the way it is, we believe. But an AMG GT roomy enough for four passengers is also a good idea, Mercedes considers. The recent CLS reminded us Mercedes knows how to draw faces to remember, so we’re confident the four-door AMG GT will still look cool. If not, at least you’ll have a twin-turbo V8 at your disposal for making an impression. A more powerful, hybrid version is in the books as well.

2019 Mercedes GLB

This news might not sound as impressive as the one above but it’s nevertheless important: the GLB (born to rival the Audi Q3 and the BMW X1) is the chunky-looking alternative in the compact SUV department. SUV? Compact? Accessible? Is there a more efficient recipe for success nowadays?

2019 MINI EV-C

At the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, MINI showcased this fully electric concept previewing a future production model. We know nothing about its electric abilities, but we’ve been explained its design, which we truly hope won’t suffer many alterations.

2019 Porsche 960

Although the 911 remains the German brand’s icon, a mid-engine model to sit between the entry-level 718 and the top-of-the-range 918 would be more than welcome. Priced at around $270,000, the Porsche 960 would provide a better rival material for the likes of Ferrari 488 GTB, or McLaren 650S. While the new 718 switched to inline-four, and the 918 uses a V8, the 960 is reportedly going to use the brand’s trademark: a flat configuration, with eight cylinders.  

2019 Porsche Mission E

The Mission E will be Porsche’s first fully-electric vehicle, opening up a wide battery-powered horizon for the German sports car brand. It’ll rival, of course, the Tesla Model S, and will have a starting price in a similar ballpark to the Panamera. Judging by recent supplier issue Porsche recently encountered, the Mission E has all the chances to be sales hit.

2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Now that we’ve seen Bentley’s Bentayga, and the Lamborghini Urus, the prospect of a jacked-up Rolls-Royce isn’t as ridiculous as it seemed. The Cullinan (although we don’t know what its real name is yet) not an SUV but rather a luxury car with off-road capabilities. Sure.  

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