2020 Ford Mustang Hybrid: the rumor mill is still spinning

Nothing is clear for the time being, but we can still debate over the topic

Last week, following a report that said Ford will introduce a hybrid Mustang in the near future, a Blue Oval spokesperson confirmed that such a model is indeed in the making, waiting to make a debut in 2020.

Claims from officials have been aimed at highlighting that the Mustang’s hybrid powertrain won’t have the same job as the one inside the Toyota Prius. Thus, customers should expect levels of grunt similar to what a V8 can push as well as more torque in the lower rpm palette.

According to Motor Trend, the most likely powertrain configuration would be one that sees the 2.3-liter EcoBoost gasoline engine married to an electric motor positioned between the said powerplant and the transmission.

Ford would then have to choose between a CVT and its 10-speed automatic, with the latter looking like the favorite choice as long as sportiness seems to play a significant role in the equation.

So, plug-in hybrid or not? The same outlet argues that a regular hybrid arrangement is the more likely solution, mentioning that the upcoming F-150 hybrid, also schedule to debut in 2020, could share its heart with the Mustang hybrid, as both cars feature rear-wheel drive, the 10-speed auto and longitudinal-mounted engines.

The setup’s overall power output might break into the 400 hp, 400 lb-ft territory. While that’s short compared to the five-oh V8 Mustang, torque should come in earlier and with more oomph.

For more info and predictions, make sure you get a full read of the original article on Motor Trend.

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