700 hp make this Mazda truck the quickest lawnmower carrier we know

mazda truck

The Mercedes SLS featured in this video can confirm

There are people who keep pushing their cars’ boundaries, aiming for the top. And there are the ones who do the same while having fun in the process. Jeff Kay and his lawnmower-themed Mazda pickup definitely fall in the latter category.

Packing around 700 horsepower “at the wheel,” Mr. Kay keeps its boosted truck cent pour cent naturel. That means no two-step, no line-lock, nothing to keep the car at pace when the huge turbo kicks in. So it all comes to the driver’s skills when launching the 3,640-lb (1,650-kg; driver, fuel, lawnmower included) pickup truck off the start line.

Jeff Kay's Mazda truck is so cool it has its own insta account. Follow it here.

via 1320video on YT