A Ford Mustang falls victim to lava in Hawaii

Spectacular footage shows lava destroying cars

The Kilauea volcano in Hawaii has been wreaking havoc on the archipelago's biggest island. The slow-motion eruption has displaced thousands of people and destroyed dozens of properties. 

Fortunately, there have been no injuries caused by the eruption, but damage to the environment and people's properties has been extensive. 

All 1,700 residents of Leilani Estates, as well as the smaller Lanipuna, had previously been ordered to evacuate. But that doesn't mean they all have. "Some people are not complying," said Debra Weeks, director of disaster services at the American Red Cross in Hawaii County, cited by CNN

The residents that have fled left behind not only homes but also cars, such as the Ford Mustang filmed below being engulfed by the slow-moving lava.

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