Acura Shows Off Precision Cockpit at LA Auto Show

It tries to blend style and function and as far as concept interiors go, it’s quite accomplished

Acura didn’t show off any new concept car at this year’s edition of the Los Angeles Auto Show, but we did get to see its vision for car interiors of the near future. Its stand featured a concept for the kind of interiors the brand wants to put in its production cars of the near future.

The first thing that strikes you about it is the design: the cockpit looks like it was lifted straight out of the NSX supercar, and that’s a good thing. If NSX-inspired interior design trickles down to offerings much lower in the Acura range, then we’re all for it.

Aside from looking all nice and cutting edge (yet production-ready somehow), it also announces future pieces of tech that will be a part of it. Aside from the usual fully-digital gauge cluster, central infotainment screen and buttons, it also has Absolute Positioning.

What that means is that it uses a touchpad like the one on your laptop, but instead of it tracking the movement of your finger(s) on it, it has sections mapped to specific areas of the screen. Basically, what Acura is trying to do here is mimic the experience of using a touchscreen, but without restoring to bringing it too close to the driver and therefor dangerously out of easy viewing range.

It also features a predictive trajectory system which maps and then suggests where bicyclists, people on skateboards and even dogs may go next. This is accomplished by bringing up an augmented reality view on the digital gauge cluster screen, which will feature a forward-facing camera feed with extra graphics added on top.