Akrapovic Exhaust Plus Ferrari 488 GTB Equals Eargasm

Images are worthless in this video

One of the sacred requirements a supercar/hypercar must meet, besides horsepower, looks and whatnot, has a lot to do with either pleasuring or destroying one's eardrums.

We prefer both, and by the sound of it, so does Akrapovic. Now, improving a Ferrari 488 GTB as far as the exhaust music is concerned, well, that's a task that usually needs God-like skills.

Enter the Akrapovic crew, who developed a slip-on line titanium exhaust setup tailored exclusively for the Ferrari 488 GTB and its rumbling V8.

Not to mention there's also a performance twist added by the exhaust since Akrapovic claims that their improvements increase the power output by 7.6 hp, torque also goes up by 6.3 Nm and the car weighs 3.8 kilos less.