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All new Rolls Royce Phantom loses two doors in PhotoShop

We tried to imagine what the future Phantom Coupe might look like

Having only just been launched in four-door saloon guise, we have no idea what the two-door version of the Rolls Royce Phantom would look like. It’s probably going to be launched within the next two years, but until then we can kind of get an idea using the sedan as a base and the previous Coupe as inspiration.

I wanted to keep it simple with this rendering, even though there are rumors around that Rolls has designed the all-aluminum architecture of the new Phantom with extreme modularity in mind - Australia’s Motoring explains the new car may have movable hard points, which means structural elements such as the windscreen can be shifted forward or back.

This could result in some rather special one-off creations, even more extreme the shockingly expensive Sweptail, but I’m pretty sure Rolls will still offer a ‘standard’ coupe version as well.

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