An extra tax for violent games: will it be any good?

The money would be used for treating mental illness

Republican representative Robert Nardolillo has proposed a law to discourage the Mature-rated games commerce by adding an extra tax. 

The toll would be as high as ten percent (which is more than the already applied 7% sales tax) of the games’ initial price. As Gamespot illustrates, Grand Theft Auto V would ask for as much as $70.20, a full ten-dollar increase over its default, $60 price. 

The price difference would be applied to games rated Mature or higher by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) and the money would go to funding mental health/counseling programs. 

“By offering children resources to manage their aggression today, we can ensure a more peaceful tomorrow,” Mr. Nardolillo stated. He also mentioned that “there is evidence that children exposed to violent games at a young age tend to act more aggressively than those who are not.”

Although this is the most popular opinion, there is actually no study that irrefutably shows a link between violent games and violent behavior. However, gaming as an activity is now seen as a disorder if excessive, World Health Organisation concluded at the end of last year. 

Should violent games be taxed differently? Is there any better way of preventing violent behavior in youngsters? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. 

via Gamespot


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