Aston Martin DB11 Shooting Brake Rendering Makes Perfect Aesthetic Sense

What we basically mean is it looks really good

Aston Martin’s DB11, just out, is the firm’s replacement for the old DB9 and it’s a car that will definitely fire up people’s imaginations as to what additional versions could be derived from it. X-Tomi from Hungary has already turned it into a three-door shooting brake, an idea that is as far-fetched as it is pleasant to look at.

It would also make practical sense for Aston, as well, as it could carry more stuff in the back, therefor being more apt for a cross-continent drives with one special person of your choosing.

Maybe somebody who is wealthy enough could afford to enlist the the help of an actual coach builder to create something like this; it may sound unlikely, but there are people out there looking to have something unique that nobody else has, and an estate based on the DB11 would certainly fit in that category.