Audi pulls a “Jingle All The Way” ad and it’s awesome

audi rs3 rs7 sportback christmas ad

This is Audi vs. Audi but not like you’ve ever imagined

They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but we all know that only applies to children. Adults, on the other hand, are looking at hours lost in traffic, stores or looking for parking space.

Speaking of parking spaces, Audi’s Christmas holiday campaign brings back some good old memories from 1996, when Arnold Schwarzenegger was playing Howard Langston, a father on a mission to get his son the hottest toy of the season: Turbo-Man. Easier said than done because the action man figure was sold out.

The same can be said about parking spots around Christmas Eve or Black Friday for that matter, but Audi takes things a bit to the extreme as two dads race their Audis (one drives the RS3, the other an RS7 Sportback) inside a parking lot in the hunt for the only free space.

Kind reminder: don’t use a ramp to jump your car from one parking building to another. In fact, don’t use a ramp regardless of what you’re trying to do.