Audi RS4 takes on Tesla Model X in drag race, brake test


We’ve seen better matches

In a test to see which car provides the best blend of performance and practicality, Matt Watson puts an Audi RS4 against the all-winning Tesla Model X P100D.

As you’d imagine, the contrast between the two is strong. Starting with the power resources, Audi’s 2.9-liter V6 unit provides 450 hp while the P100D boasts 770 hp. Not to mention the torque figures, which give the Model X a whole lot more edge over the German super-tourer. Even the Urus is barely a contender for the Model X.

However, at around 1,800 kg (4,000 lbs) the RS4 is considerably lighter; Tesla weighs about 2.5 tons (5,500 lbs). That already makes the Audi winner in the brake testing.

But is the RS4 light enough to mitigate the horsepower handicap? Well, let’s see!

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