Audi’s Next-Gen SQ5 Might Become World’s First Drift-Happy SUV

Think about it for a second: a diesel Audi SUV that can drift; sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

You don’t ever associate Audi road vehicles with oversteer, let alone one of their taller offerings like a Q5. Well, it seems the automaker from Ingolstadt is planning to turn the next SQ5 into a bit of a drift monster according to an insider report.

Autocar says “one senior engineer involved in the project promised” the hot Q5 would get radically different suspension to that of the standard car, a considerable power hike over lesser models and many-many tweaks to give it livelier handling.

Apparently, Audi will offer a special cost-option differential which will enhance the SQ5’s tail-happy road manners.

The source suggests Audi may also use the same formula for the larger SQ7 in the future, if its drifty SQ5 experiment goes well.

The all-new SQ5 is expected to debut in 2018.

Note: all-new non-S Q5 pictured