Baby Driver gets to spin the Porsche 918 Spyder, can't stop smiling

He surely knows what to do with a steering wheel

You may love or hate Ansel Elgort, Baby Driver's main character, but the Porsche 918 Spyder is a car to be loved and cherished as a technological masterpiece

Not everybody liked Ansel Elgort's baby face in his 2017 car movie, but the boy can really drive, and we absolutely love him for this. And when Porsche advertised a short film with him at the wheel of the already legendary 918 Spyder, we hope something along BMW's The Hire series. You know, less talk, more pedal to the metal.

Unfortunately, Porsche can make some really cheesy videos with some awesome cars, and their latest effort doesn't disappoint: Ansel looks like a schoolboy that discovers carbon fiber for the first time and is mesmerized by a moving rear wing. Anyway, the car is still superb, and you'll surely appreciate watching it going very fast through an abandoned industrial landscape with Ansel laughing maniacally and Porsche test driver Lars Kern showing him the car's goodies.

It's the first installment of eight episodes, so we'll have to swallow even more cheesy stuff from Porsche. Heck, as long as they make such incredible driving machines, as the ones we tested recently, we'll stop complaining. Here's the video.

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