Bentley broadens its appeal by offering animal product-free cars for vegans

Because, you know, each of their car interior uses the hides of 20 cows and that’s a turn off to some

Bentley has realized that not all its buyers appreciate or really want all that natural leather in their cars and that there are some who would genuinely do without it. Besides, leather a seat cover material was popularized thanks to its durability and the way it looks and not necessarily passenger comfort, so maybe this is a way to set things right.

The VW-owned luxury automaker is looking at not using leather because it wants to broaden the appeal of its vehicles… to attract vegan diet buyers which are against the killing of animals and use of animal-derived products. Apparently they make up a significant enough portion of buyers that Bentley has actually taken this wish into consideration and has announced that it will soon launch something to please them.

Their plan is to ditch bovine leather and replace it with “protein leather, mushroom leather, jellyfish material,” although we sincerely hope the last of these isn’t made out of actual jellyfish because that would defeat the purpose of this exercise.

Bentley’s Director of Design Stefan Sielaff explained that “You can’t sell an animal-containing product like a Bentley, with 20 leather hides, to someone with a vegan lifestyle. We’ve been talking to these customers, in California especially, and they’re asking us what can we give them. We do a lot of custom-made and coach-built solutions, in conjunction with our colleagues at Mulliner, and therefore we want to satisfy these customers because they are the peak of a trend.”

He concluded, according to Autocar, by announcing the company “will shortly present a Bentley with a vegan interior.”