Bentley Flying Spur Recalled Over Possible Sunroof Malfunction

The sunroof may fall on those in the car while driving

The magic of a sunroof opens the sky for you - that if it isn't crushing the sky upon you, as it is the case with these elegant Flying Spurs. 

Bentley is recalling the mentioned models manufactured April 25, 2007, through October 31, 2008, due to a sunroof glass improperly secured to the sunroof frame. 

The malfunction can result in the sunroof glass detaching from the frame while the vehicle is on the move, increasing the risk of a crash - because having tens-of-kilograms worth of glass falling upon you while driving can defocus you, we agree on that. 

Bentley stated that it "became aware of a potential issue based on information shared from other manufacturers," probably hinting at the 536 A8s and S8s Audi had to recall regarding the same issue. 

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