Best use for a Lamborghini Aventador? As Xbox controller for Forza Motorsport 7


Well, it’s more sort of a racing wheel and seat combo, but you get the idea…

You may remember we posted a video of a Nissan GT-R being driven via PS4 controller – this is the other way around: using an actual car hooked up to a gaming console to be used as controller.

The idea is nothing new, but we’ve yet to see a Lamborghini used in this way until now. This guy uses his own Aventador as a racing and wheel combo to play Forza Horizon 7, the latest installment in the long-running racing series.

His video shows him firing himself in this Lambo towards the video game store where he purchases the VIP edition of the new Forza game, then launches himself back home where he begins setting up the car for virtual racing. He uses a projector to see the game on a garage door-sized screen, connects up a bunch of cables and away he goes.