Black Hawk Jeep Wrangler is the Aussie-American equivalent of a Kahn Defender

And we can't stop loving it

This is the Black Hawk. It might have lost three slots from the infamous seven-slot Jeep grille, but the amount of appeal it gains wholly makes up for that.

Yes, it's a Jeep. A Wrangler, for that matter, but only deep down, because what you see on the outside stems from the design ideas of Afzal Kahn - owner of Kahn Design, which we're sure rings a bell or two. It's also built in Australia, by Chelsea Truck Co.

The widebody tries to connect American engineering with, as they put it, "military-inspired British style." Hence some neat details like the quad hair-cross exhaust, the Iron Man vented hood and the all-wide-everything attitude.

You can even specify retro 1955 Deep Dish 17-inch wheels and interior leather upholstery in all the colors of the rainbow and some more. 

Furthermore, 2.8 CRD models get a CTC power upgrade that bumps the horses to 230 and torque to 532 Nm (392 lb-ft).

Oh, and they're only making 50 units, so the chances of your neighbor owning one are practically null.

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