BMW 760Li pushed to top speed on autobahn


Cruises past 300 km/h / 186 mph

BMW claims that its 760Li V12 flagship has a top speed of 305 km/h or 189 mph with the optional M Driver’s Package fitted; otherwise it’s pegged back at 250 km/h / 155 mph.

But it seems to be even faster than claimed without the electronic limit as this video by AutoTopNL shows.

This particular 760Li is derestricted and during a flat out autobahn run, it had no problem nudging 320 km/h or nearly 200 mph.

That is a mind boggling speed for a vehicle that’s as big, heavy and long as the V12-powered long wheelbase 7-Series. It weighs over two tons and is nearly 5.3 meters long, to give you an idea of what it has to move around.

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