BMW driver keeps lapping Nurburgring even with rear door falling apart

He does it with the commitment of an actual racing driver

People who take their personal cars out on track days are definitely enthusiasts, but how hardcore can they be? Well, this Russian driver and his BMW 3-Series E46 prove that ‘very’ is the answer here, as not even his car disintegrating stopped him from doing his lap of the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

It’s obviously very dangerous of the driver to keep at it even as his car was losing bits on the track, as those flying parts could have hit another driver’s car and caused an accident.

I mean that door car dangling like that couldn’t have held on for much longer – if he kept driving like he does in the short video, then it certainly fell off not long after.

Sure, some cheeky voices may say there’s no place on track for a four-door sedan and that he should have been driving a coupe – then there would have been no rear door to open. Others may look at the Russian number plate and try to picture the swearword-filled monolog going on inside the car, where words like “сука,” “блять” and “дурак” must have been thrown around quite liberally…