BMW M wants you immature, but not irresponsible behind the wheel

Ahh, the funny streak continues

By the looks of it, BMW M’s previous trio of video ads wasn’t part of a spontaneous humor crisis. The fourth commercial takes from the laidback attitude of the first three and adds a drop of immaturity to that newfound exuberance.

We shall not get into details because we don’t do spoilers. However, one might argue that BMW actually encourages ///M dads to act like major jerks.

Word of advice: don’t do that to your kid, unless you want him to grow up with the general (and not necessarily true) belief that BMW drivers are complete douchebags.

All righty then, click play and take notes on how not to raise your children. You should definitely buy an M car, though. Maybe the upcoming BMW M5 would tickle your fancy. Or the M8.