BMW M4 CS escapes the Nürburgring in action-packed Pennzoil ad

2018.03.08 rhys millen bmw m4 cs pennzoil

And it’s not the only one, apparently

In the latest Pennzoil commercial, professional drifter Rhys Millen makes a run for it out of the Nürburgring in the tail-happy BMW M4 CS.

There's definitely a story behind this three-minute clip but we couldn't solve the puzzle. It shows our international man of mystery Millen receiving a message that says "make it out," before getting into an underground parking lot with covered cars. One second later, hell breaks loose on the M4's rear tires.

2018.03.08 bmw m4 cs pennzoil

Now, we could try and guess what this plot is about but we've realized watching a Pennzoil stunt is not different than with porn: you know exactly why you're there, and that the plot is the least of your interests. However, the end got us curious about the sequel. What do you think the other car is?

The biggest difference is that you can watch this video at work over and over again without being considered a freak.

If you want more Pennzoil-themed clips, check out the one with the Demon, or that awesome "farewell" video with the Dodge Viper (which is my favorite so far).