BMW M5 spontaneously combusts in Russia

The car was almost instantly engulfed in flames, but the driver sped off trying to put out the fire…

This BMW M5 F10 caught fire for apparently no reason while waiting at a set of traffic lights in Perm, Russia – it could have ended much worse for the driver who instead of jumping out to save himself, then try to put out the fire, actually set off in the car despite the fact that it was undeniably ablaze.

And instead of diminishing the fire by driving the car quickly, the short post-combustion trip made the flames even bigger. By the time he does stop and clambers out of the car, flames can be seen under the bonnet and underneath the car.

A fire extinguisher is quickly found and after quite a lot of trying, the fire is finally put out sans intervention from the local fire fighters – they did come later, but there wasn’t much they could have done. The action starts after the two-minute mark in the video.