BMW M760 takes on Ducati Panigale V4 in unusual drag race

The result is a no-brainer, really

Are you curious about just how a BMW M760 stands against a superbike in a drag race? We neither, but here it is anyway. 

The guys at carwow had an M760 tester in their possession when the Panigale showed up in the area, so they thought “Heck! Why not pitch the two against each other in a drag race?” Can you blame them?

About the BMW M760, you already know it runs a mighty 6.6-liter V12 under the bonnet, churning out 600 horsepower (447 kW) and 590 lb-ft (800 Nm), enough to put a Škoda Octavia to shame in a drag race, apparently

Ducati Panigale’s engine has a third of BMW’s cylinders, half the wheels, and, at just 175 kilos, the thirteenth part of the 7 Series’ weight. The Italian superbike boasts 214 hp (157.5 kW), 91.5 lb-ft (124 Nm), and a real super-vehicle trademark: it catches fire out of a sudden.

Now, it’s not a surprise that the Panigale will catapult to the finish like no other, but it’s impressive just how quick the M760 is off the line.

Now that we got you interested in oddball contests, see how a Dacia Logan does against a Mercedes-AMG E 63 S.

via carwow YT

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