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BMW teases us with another slick profile and we have no idea what it is

It just doesn't seem the be the Z5

We've been flooded with amazing concepts lately — prefiguring future sports models — but this next one, teased by BMW itself, leaves us clueless. 

BMW USA’s Facebook page recently published a sketched profile of what seems to be a Targa body — the metallic bit behind the headrests looks pretty much like the B-pillar to us. But, of course, it’s a sketch, so it might as well be a buttress under a very clever light/shadow play. 

Naturally, the first thing that springs to mind is the BMW-Toyota love child known as the Z5 (although this might not be its name after all). Thing is, the Supra’s German relative is expected late 2018; and, more important, this teaser looks nothing like the convertible we’ve already seen in spy shots

Another sans-roof BMW model we’re eager to make acquaintances with is the i8 Roadster, but again, the car we can see in the image above, with its long, sleek bonnet doesn’t have the proportions of a mid-engine car.

So our last — yet most probable — guess is the roofless version of the BMW 8 Series Concept, the grand tourer that replaces the actual 6 Series Coupé and reiterates a moniker that puts a smile on every Bimmer fan’s face.

All we have to do is wait until August 17, the date when BMW will disclose this teaser in full; hopefully. Of course, this doesn’t mean we can’t play together the guessing game by submitting yours in the comments section below. So, what BMW model is this?

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