BOOK by Cadillac Lets You Drive Any New Cadillac For a Monthly Fee

That’s a luxury vehicle subscription for the rich

Cadillac enters the car sharing business through a service that allows customers to drive any new Cadillac, changing cars as they please.

Want to drive a brand-new Cadillac, then swap it for another Cadillac, and so on, for up to 18 times a year? Look no more, Book by Cadillac lets you do exactly this.

For a flat monthly fee, BOOK by Cadillac gives members access to the newest Cadillac vehicles without the commitment of leasing, financing or buying.

“BOOK by Cadillac [targets] a growing class of luxury drivers searching for access to various cars over time, dependent on their individual needs, coupled with a hassle-free white-glove exchange,” said Uwe Ellinghaus, Cadillac chief marketing officer.

BOOK by Cadillac members will have app-enabled on-demand access to the latest premium trim Cadillac models they want to drive, including Platinum Level Trim models like the XT5, CT6, Escalade and V Series. According to Cadillac, customers can reserve the vehicles through their app and these will be delivered via white-glove concierge to members’ requested locations. If they want to change them for other vehicles, they can do this anytime.

Customers can take a V Series to enjoy driving on a winding road and then swap it for an Escalade ski-trip in the same week. Alternatively, they can keep an XT5 SUV during the winter months and switch to an XTS Vsport AWD Platinum Collection performance sedan during the summer, with each vehicle picked up and delivered to their doorstep.

Cadillac handles maintenance, insurance, and detailing of the car, so members are freed from the baggage that comes with traditional vehicle ownership and given the freedom and flexibility to fit their lifestyle. There's a one-time installment of $500, and then customers have to pay a flat monthly fee of $1,500, no strings attached. They can cancel their subscription anytime, 18 times a year.

If $1,500 seems a little bit too much, take into consideration that most customers will opt for the higher-spec models, with costs similar to what they would get from the competition, but without the ownership hassle. Also, they get to drive the newest cars, anytime, and that could be a very interesting proposition.

BOOK by Cadillac will launch first in the New York metropolitan area, with plans to debut in other markets.