Bowler Defender V6 teaches Ford Fiesta ST some manners the drag race way

Neither of them was ever built for what you’re about to see, yet one’s way better at it

Those of you who expect clouds of diesel smoke should face disappointment because the Bowler Defender is powered by a V6 petrol engine taken from a Jaguar F-Type. How that was possible, we do not want to know.

Thing is, the V6 is also supercharged thus churning out 400 hp which on paper, look colossal next to the Fiesta ST’s otherwise not-so-shy 182 hp.

Also, the Bowler is a 4x4, whereas the Fiesta puts down all the power end torque at the front wheels.

Again, the Defender is a lot heavier and makes the Fiesta look like an antelope, yet it’s the power-to-weight ratio that settles this very peculiar race.

But hey, this is the Internet, so why not?

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