Bugatti Concept: How a Bug should have really looked like

This design is impossible; which makes it perfect for a Bugatti

It’s an fantastic car, the Bugatti Chiron: not only flamboyant in its design but also more potent than the Veyron, resulting in better performance figures.

And have you seen the manufacturing process? Sheesh! Like it or not, it’s hard to ignore all the work invested in this hyper-Gran-Tourer. I, for one, loved the Chiron’s lines. Until I laid my eyes upon this study by Adrian Biggins; now I think it should have been different.

The Chiron’s design is dictated not only by the need for baroque aesthetics, and aerodynamic functionality but also by road regulations. Have you seen how the Chiron’s rear end looks in the States? If you haven’t, then don’t look.

So what I invite you to see here is a Bugatti that doesn’t need to comply to any of the regulations regarding the road safety. Mr. Biggins didn't care about pedestrians so much — his creation features a front splitter that would help the car stick its nose to the ground better at high speeds but wouldn’t be friendly to human ankles.

You can also unsee the diffuser that makes the car’s rear overhang as long as its wheelbase. It's absurd, and we love it. Even if you don’t like the bug-like body, you have to admit this concept has a spine. I mean, literally; the shark fin that runs down the car’s median line draws inspiration from Le Mans’ LMP1 cars.

We know this design’s feasibility is close to zero due to road safety regulations, but we can’t stop thinking about all the “ifs.”

In case you were wondering what Bugatti would look like at the opposite pole, take a look at this Baja-inspired Chiron.