Cadillac Escalade finds its calling as badass armored vehicle

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It can easily be used as a luxurious limo as well

If you’re looking for a bulletproof vehicle but the Rezvani Tank is a bit too much for you, here’s a classy alternative: the Cadillac Escalade prepped by AddArmor.

We can’t say if this 224-inch-long (5,7 meters) murdered-out Caddy is a car for blending in but it surely can pass easier than the out-of-this-world Rezvani Tank. And when it comes to keeping you safe from bullet strifes, AddArmor’s Escalade does the job.

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As the press release states, the big black Caddy features “various levels of ballistic and explosive protection, which allows the stunning vehicle to withstand high-velocity 30-06, 7.62, and .556 munitions.” Also impressive is the armoring technology: instead of ballistic steel, AddArmor used carbon-composite panels which are 10 times stronger, and 60% lighter.

It doesn’t say if the 420-hp (426 PS), 460 lb-ft (624 Nm) suffered any modification but we’re told the suspension received a heavy-duty upgrade, and the brakes got larger in order to provide more stopping power.

In addition to bulletproof technology, AddArmor’s Executive Protection Package offers deflection solutions such as a counter-attack sound cannon, electric-shock door handles, pepper spray dispensers, barricade busting bumpers, hidden gun spots, night vision (with 360-degree visibility), satellite communication system, and a smoke screen system.

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So in case you’ve become a sitting duck, you can emit a distress signal to the Command Center, “where highly trained staff members assess the situation and stay with the client until the threat or issue has been mitigated.”

When you’re not under attack — which we guess will be most of the time — you can indulge yourself in the luxury and (extra) room the AddArmor Escalade provides: the car is 4.5-inch taller now and accommodates a 32-inch smart TV, onboard WiFi with DirecTV, Apple TV, and HBO GO.

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