California mudslide unwillingly sends Prius down impromptu luge with driver inside


This is hypermiling taken to the extreme

Now while this video of a Toyota Prius being pushed down a windy downhill road by a torrent of water and mud may be funny at first, it really wasn’t all that entertaining for the driver trapped inside. 


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He thankfully was able to exit the torrent and the car was in one pice, but the water level during the impromptu downhill run reached well over the wheels. The driver must have tried to stop the vehicle, quickly realizing just how powerful the water really was, but at least he successfully hypermiled for the duration of the downhill push as he coasted all the way, not needing any motivation from the hybrid powertrain – he may also have put some juice back into the battery…

It all went down in Burbank, California which has recently been hit by severe rains which have caused many mudslides all across the state – this after it was previously hit by raging wildfires barely kept at bay. The footage was shot by a local firefighter who then posted it on his instagram.

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