Camaro ZL1 Takes on Hellcat Challenger in Drag Race Uproar

Murica versus Murica

Which one is faster: the Hellcat Challenger or the Chevy Camaro ZL1?

That's what John Hennessey's team wanted to know when they orchestrated a roll-on race between the two muscle cars.

As it stands, this battle's coordinates are as follows: the Hellcat engages 707 hp while the ZL1 relies on 650 ponies, but it is lighter and therefore sports a better power-to-weight ratio.

Oh, and both cars are factory-specced, without added performance-inducing gimmicks. But the Challenger's ace up the sleeve is the automatic gearbox which bests the Camaro's six-speed manual.

Nonetheless, the drag race's outcome is a close affair which would have been different if the ZL1 packed Chevy's latest 10-speed auto.

Via Road & Track