Camouflaged Lamborghini Urus prototype does the Ring thing


Looks like a very swift and planted SUV around the bends

Touted as the first Super Sport Utility Vehicle, the Lamborghini Urus is approaching its official reveal early next month – it’s going to be unveiled December 4 as part of a special ceremony dedicated to it, before it’s probably going to have its public debut at the Detroit motor show in early 2018.

Meanwhile, camouflaged prototypes are still tearing up the Nurburgring, clearly announcing the Urus’ propensity for on-road driving. The vehicle looks extremely planted in the corners, and it seems to shoot out of the bends really rather rapidly.

Its engine is pretty obviously a V8 based on its exhaust note and most likely turbocharged to make in the region of 650 hp. Transmission-wise, we can only speculate, but it could get the dual-clutch unit found in the current Huracan model.

Lambo plans to shift some 3,500 of these annually thus doubling the company’s total yearly sales figure. Pricing for the Urus is believed to be similar to that of the two-door Huracan.

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