Can Jeep Trackhawk outrun Tesla Model X on the drag strip?

tesla vs jeep drag race

A question we’ve all been asking. Probably

A Tesla presence in a drag race has an interesting effect on people: it annoys them. The electric setup — boasting all the available torque from 1 rpm — has proven its efficiency while the combustion engine cannot fix his handicap (namely the multi-step gearbox). But as long as there’s massive power involved, hope is not lost.

In the clip below, we have a Tesla Model X P100D (using, of course, its Ludicrous Mode) battling a Jeep Trackhawk on a prepped drag strip — which eliminates wheel spin, so all that matters is the powertrain system’s potency.

On paper, the two don’t look THAT different. The Model X has a bit more weight than the Jeep Trackhawk but also more torque. The Trackhawk, on the other hand, is more powerful; and Tesla has a passenger — the “Spaceman.”

So, what’s it going to be? Will the Trackhawk be able to beat the Model X? Place your bets in the comments section below before seeing the video.

Oh, and there's also this event where a Model X stood against a Lambo Aventador. If you like Lambo, you'd better skip this.

via DragTimes YT