Can the Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain 4x4(2) climb a 75% slope? Yes, yes it can

A spectacular reminder to never underestimate this family wagon's capability

There are a lot of oddball creations in Daimler's courtyard, and they're easy to spot. Not for their 4x42 moniker but because, well, they're quite imposing. And the most striking of all must be the E-Class All-Terrain 4x42.

The E-Class 'Mr. Squared' All-Terrain is not the most powerful 4x4. Quite the opposite. Underneath, it is an E 400, which means it runs a 3.5-liter turbocharged V6 worth of 333 horsepower and 354 pound-feet (480 Newton-meters) of torque. However, it's a powertrain you don't usually find in the E-Class brochure.

But not the engine (or the nine-speed gearbox it's linked to) are the jaw-droppers here; it's the freaking 420-mm ground clearance and the off-road capability of this very enticing estate. The E-Class 4x42 borrows the G-wagen's portal axle, that mechanic bit every serious off-roader needs to have in order to be called 'serious off-roader.'

I could bore you longer with (maybe impressive) figures but nothing is more eloquent than a video with the E-Class All-Terrain 4x42 in action. Plus, you'll find out how this crazy idea materialized in a prototype car from the person who came up with it: Jürgen Eberle.

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