Check out crystal clear footage of the 1962 Monaco Grand Prix


Excerpts from the 1962 German documentary Flying Clipper

Formula 1 in the 1960s was brutal, unsafe and very exciting to watch and the most brutal, unsafe and exciting to watch race of them all was the Monaco Grand Prix. In 1962 some shots of the GP were taken for a documentary called Flying Clipper which followed the trail of a Swedish sailing ship traveling across the Mediterranean.

It visits places like Barcelona, Athens, Beirut, Monaco, Capri and Egypt among others, but as car enthusiasts we’re really thrilled to see F1 cars racing around Monaco in pristine quality. The combination of the ’60s atmosphere, the way the city looked back then and the people on the side of the track all add to the experience of seeing a bygone era of motor racing.

The entire documentary was shot on high resolution 70 mm film and nowadays you can watch it in 4K if you so choose. The excerpt posted below is only full HD, but it’s still highly enjoyable as is.

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