Check out this drag-ready, stripped-bare Tesla Model S P100D

The owner has gone to great lengths to make it accelerate even faster

The owner of this Tesla Model S P100D wanted to make get the zero to sixty sprint time to drop under 2.5 seconds, so he did what Lotus founded Colin Chapman would have done – “add lightness.”

He proceeded to strip out most of the car’s interior trim, even the seats were removed. All he left in there were the front door cards and the dashboard with all of the displays in place. In place of the stock front seats, he had a pair of Kirkey Aluminum Racing seats installed, and he also swapped out its tires for special drag radials.

Now as it sits, this Model S is some 360 lbs / 160 kilos lighter than stock, which should definitely be a noticeable difference on the drag strip. The question is: by how much?