Citroen makes cute ad about the C4 Cactus and its hydraulic suspension

It highlights the refreshed Cactus’ reportedly excellent ride

Citroen may have ditched its traditional hydropneumatic suspension in all its production cars, but now it’s promoting a new kind of comfort enhancing suspension which it fits to the C4 Cactus, among other models - it’s called Progressive Hydraulic Cushions suspension.

This ad is all about just how cushy the facelifted C4 Cactus equipped with that suspension is and the automaker uses a clever way to illustrate this newfound comfort. The suspension is nowhere near as complex as the old hydropneumatic setup, though.

It relies on clever progressive dampers that get stiffer the more they are compressed. This is said to enhance comfort so much so that you merely only hear the road imperfections and feel them to a far lesser extent than without the system - at least that’s what this rather cute ad tries to portray; we’ll get back to you on just how good Progressive Hydraulic Cushions suspension is when we do our full road test review of the Cactus.

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